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Available Livestock

UPDATE: We are sold out of our wethers and available does for 2022. We are only doing a very limited breeding for 2023. We plan on a full breeding for 2024 - please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about raising Angoras, or to get on a future waitlist.


Our herd is a closed herd. We breed for fleece quality, and worm tolerance. We are happy to provide more pictures upon request. We do not, as a rule, sell single goats. Angoras really need Angora buddies.


Eamon - SOLD Wether $125 Born 3/20/2022


Epictetus - SOLD Wether $125 Born 3/26/2022


Enoch - SOLD Wether $125 Born 3/26/2022


Ernie - SOLD Wether $125 Born 3/24/2022

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